Malleable memories

Lately I’ve been considering the idea of writing down some of the various episodes of my life so that I can be aided in their recall years from now. I’m talking about various adventures, profound experiences and sexual conquests that have occurred to me. For them to be lost would be a shame, both for my pleasure as well as the good of humanity. My dad wrote an autobiography several years ago from which he now frequently enjoys reading.

But I’m also aware that the process of writing down memories tends to alter them. When you force yourself to recall an event you often find yourself putting greater weight on parts of the memory then you had during previous more passive episodes of recall. Like, you might force yourself to recall your 13th birthday party and then all of a sudden you remember that some kid who you had a fight with years later was there and you fixate on his presences at the party, perhaps soiling the memory when you recall it in the future. The memory morphs from “my fun 13th birthday party,” to “that party that fucker David Alvira was at!”

I also have to note that in the past when I’ve written down memories I have… shall we say, embellished things? Not out of a need to aggrandize myself, but merely because I’ve forgotten the exact facts. I might not recall exactly which friend I shared some activity with, so I just chose the best candidate out of friends I had at the time. The problem is that then the memory gets re-encoded with that friend as the partner in crime. Then, years later I’m telling the story to someone and they say. What do you mean that was X? That was me!”

This all leads up to the question: what is a memory? This question can be asked from a number of views – the psychological view, the neuroscientific view, the biological view – but I’m asking from the subjective view. When I recall a memory what am I really experiencing? I’ll recall a memory right now: my trip to New York this past fall. I recall my brother’s apartment where I stayed, his pet rabbit, the rather cold weather (it was right after the hurricane hit) a walk down the east side of Central Part anxiously looking for a bathroom (had to pee bad!), a nice stroll through Central Park when the re-opened it, having beers with my brother’s friend. Basically a cascade of memories. But what are the contents of those sub-memories? I recall that walk through Central Park but I certainly couldn’t map out the path I took. I couldn’t provide an account of the people I saw. I don’t recall what I was wearing. I have, at best, a collection of fleeting moments, vague mental snapshots. And I’m glumly aware of the fact that I may, in future years, confuse events that happened in that stroll through Central Park with other strolls. Memories are malleable and interconnecting which makes them ultimately untrustworthy.

3 Responses to “Malleable memories”

  1. john

    Yeah, I can’t write down past experiences with embellishing them a bit. Here are a few passages from my unsuccessful attempt at an autobiography.

    “One day I was getting dressed for Second Grade and I ate Goldie Hawn’s pussy!”

    “Inevitably I got in trouble for cutting class in High School and I fucked Pam Grier!”

    “The First Sergeant yelled “Saleeby! Get in my office! Now!” and Drew Barrymore gave me a blow job!”

    So I gave up on writing my autobiography and had a threesome with Lucy Liu and Bai Ling!

  2. Wil

    Drew gave you a blowjob too? I knew we had something in common!

    You, me, and 80% of Los Angeles.

  3. john

    Cute Girl Trivia!!!

    Thandie Newton was supposed to be “Charlie’s Angels” but was too busy having sex with John Saleeby so they got Lucy Liu instead!

    Cute Girl Trivia!!!