A tomb of her own making…

Hoarding strikes me as a problem unique to modern times. My suspicion is that people are made anxious by this ever changing world and their obviously meaningless existence within it so they latch on to familiar objects to stabilize them. But it can only end in death as this article so eloquently explains. New Jersey hoarder found dead, mummified inside own apartment

Two months after being reported missing, a New Milford woman was found dead in her trash-strewn apartment, her mummified body hidden beneath clothing and debris that had apparently concealed her presence during earlier searches, authorities said.

Alice Klee, 68, was found on her bedroom floor Friday by her landlord, who was there to open a window after getting court permission to clean out the apartment, said Police Chief Frank Papapietro.

“It was by chance that he caught her hair sticking out under the debris,” Papapietro said Monday.

In her own way, Alice Klee died like the great Egyptian Pharaohs – mummified and surrounded by cats. If you have a drink in your hand this morning, raising your glass… to ALICE KLEE!!!

Oh yeah… that burns as it goes down…

4 Responses to “A tomb of her own making…”

  1. john

    I’ll come up with a funny comment when you blog about a Whoreder! Haw haw haw!

  2. john

    Hey! I said “Whoreder”! Get it? Hoarder, Whoreder? Pretty good, huh? Huh?

  3. Wil

    Ah, I thought it was a band or something. Like Black Sabbath.

  4. john

    Yeah, it does sound like one of those doofus Scandanavian Metal bands. Them and their three guitars! What are they, Molly Hatchet?