Rethinking Dave Grohl

I was just thinking about Dave Grohl. Here’s a guy who was in the biggest band of the 90s (er, I’m talking about Nirvana) but didn’t command much attention for himself. He was certainly a respected drummer but, after Cobain killed himself, I think a lot of people — myself included — wouldn’t have been surprised had Grohl simply fallen into the dustbin of history (much the same way his band mate Krist Novoselic did.) But Grohl did not. He’s had a long and storied career and I think one could argue he’s one of the last of the real rock stars left.

And I think had Cobain not killed himself and Nirvana continued, Grohl would not have flourished the way he has. Unlike the reticent rock star that Cobain was, Grohl seems fully at ease in the world of the commercial music industry. He happily embraces the role of celebrity and plays with musicians from across the musical spectrum. But I don’t think he could openly acknowledge this side of himself while in the decidely anti-corporate, punk-elitist Nirvana. In some ways, Cobain’s death allowed Grohl to step out of the shadows and embrace his own persona. You could say he actually benefitted from Cobain’s self-immolation.

Which brings up an interesting question: Where exactly was Grohl the day Cobain “committed suicide”?

6 thoughts on “Rethinking Dave Grohl

  1. John Saleeby

    Grohl probably wouldn’t have been working with Cobain much longer if Cobain was still around. They weren’t getting along.

    I remember when “Nevermind” was a big hit and I thought the best thing about it was the drumming.

  2. Wil

    They weren’t getting along you say? Would you say Grohl was mad at Cobain? Would you say he’d do anything to get rid of him?

  3. John Saleeby

    Dave Grohl is a nice man and he doesn’t deserve that kind of talk!

    I saw Kris Novelesic on some Cable News show talking about the rumors of a new version of Nirvana with Paul McCartney. The snotty bitch News Girl asked him if he’d like to form a band with David Lee Roth (Snicker snicker) and was astonished when Kris declared with complete sincerity “That would be GREAT! I LOVE David Lee Roth! I’d LOVE to be in a band with him!” That girl was completely freaked out. What a dope.

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