New suspense song

Here’s a new piece I’ve written called “The Dark House.” As you listen, you can imagine yourself exploring a decrepit old mansion. Wisps of fog filter through the air. Blasts of unexplained cold tickle your spine. Out of the corner of your eye you see fleeting glimpses of a young girl with snowy flesh. Are those human or animal moans you hear coming from… SUDDENLY AN ENRAGED INBRED HILLBILLY LEAPS OUT OF THE DARK WAVING A BLARING CHAINSAW THAT SAWS OFF YOUR ARM!!! HE SCREAMS, “RAAARHHHHGH!!!” YOU SHRIEK LIKE A LITTLE GIRL AS THE MECHANICAL BLADE COMES DOWN ON YOUR FACE AND EVERYTHING GOES BLACK!!!

It’s all about nuance folks.
The Dark House by Wil Forbis
There’s definitely a big Bernard Herrmann influence on this one.

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  1. John Saleeby

    Adam Yauch died and here is a homophobic Beastie Boys reference joke I just made up while brushing my teeth -

    Looking for a girl
    I ran into a guy
    He was Neil Patrick Harris
    I said “Howdy”
    He said “Hi”