Another day in the Bollywood horror/porn industry…

Just one of those crazy articles that caught my eye: Bollywood actress killed, beheaded in extortion plot by two fellow actors, report says

Bollywood actress Meenakshi Thapar was kidnapped by two fellow actors, who then beheaded her after extorting money from her family, the Daily Telegraph reports.
Thapar, 26, appeared in an Indian horror film in 2011, where she met her alleged killers, actors Amit Jaiswal and Preeti Surin, the report says.
The two lured her on a trip, abducted her, and then demanded almost $50,000 from her family while threatening to make Thapar star in pornography, the report says.


I’d actually really like to see an Indian horror film.

1 Response to “Another day in the Bollywood horror/porn industry…”

  1. John Saleeby

    They cut her head off? I’d really like to see an Indian porno film.