Look up!

I mentioned that the other day I sat under a tree, looked up and saw a beautiful contrast between the tree flowers and the sky. Just today I lay back in the yard and observed the complex patterns of a pine tree. I feel that in the modern world we don’t spend enough time looking up. Depending on where you are you can see all sorts of things… bird’s nests, the moon, women’s underpants. That’s why I say, “Look up, America!”

4 Responses to “Look up!”

  1. John Saleeby

    This is undoubtedly true.

    I started writing a new Acid Logic article today. Wrote three pages and now my brain is all SILLY.

  2. John Saleeby

    Hey, look up those pictures of Michelle Rodriguez going swimming in France. What a cute girl!

  3. Wil

    I’m going to spend the rest of my life LOOKING UP!!!

    Or throwing up.


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