So long, Ween!

Aaron Freeman of one of my favorite bands – Ween – has ended the band. Basically he’s understandably burnt out on the whole thing after 25 years.

It’s worth clicking the link to a see a picture of Freeman – perhaps the most unflattering photo of a celebrity I’ve ever seen. He looks like some kind of mutant hillbilly cannibal.

3 Responses to “So long, Ween!”

  1. John Saleeby

    Oh, man – That picture is from 2006, you ought to see him now! That guy has really put himself through Hell. He looks at least twenty years older than he really is. Google “Aaron Freeman – Ween – Looking at least twenty years older than he really is”. You’ll be horrified!

  2. Wil

    Yeah, I saw one of those white haired pics – frankly the guy looked better there than in this pic. There’s something to be said for accepting your age and not looking like a balding half mutant inbred. A savage, flesh eating ghoul intent on kidnapping young girls from their bedrooms. A lone, hideous malformation, wandering the hills…

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