New album review

The reviews for my new album are starting to come in. The Mid West Record (yes, THE Mid West record) says:

WIL FORBIS and the Gentlemen Scoundrels/A Quarter Past Four: Here’s a fun record that doesn’t fit the format. After turning in a killer release a few years back, Forbis laid low for a while and now has a new set of originals that sound like classic jazz and Broadway tunes but retain the off center locus you need in the margins of today’s alt world if you want to be able to give up the day job. Old timey on it’s face, if you pay attention, there’s a wonderful joke here for you to be in on. Spiff up those spats, wax your mustache and give the guy at the door the secret password. This set is a riot. BTW–the cover art is a gasser.

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