Robot prostitutes go mainstream

Many of you who read my writings know that I’ve had long felt the pinnacle of human technological advancement would be the creation of robot prostitutes. I have written countless paragraphs on the subject, analyzing how this development could affect society and culture at large.

I’m a little disturbed to report that, ummm, you know, serious people, are also thinking about the topic. Here’s an article entitled “How would robotic prostitutes change the sex tourism industry?

Machines have already changed the face of manufacturing industries, but what happens when prostitutes find themselves replaced by robots? Will machines populate our brothels instead of flesh and blood people? Will the social stigma of paying for sex fade? And how will the availability of robotic sex partners impact countries whose economies depend, in part, on sex tourism?

In their paper “Robots, men and sex tourism,” which appears in the current issue of the journal Futures, Ian Yeoman and Michelle Mars of the University of Wellington’s Victoria Management School explore how robotic prostitutes could provide a solution to many of the problems associated with the sex trade, namely human trafficking and the spread of sexually transmitting infections.

There are some interesting considerations. Consider…

They also wonder whether sexual mores might be different where robotic prostitutes are concerned. For example, would spouses view sex with a robotic partner as cheating, or as a form of masturbation akin to using a vibrator?

Coincidentally I once had a girlfriend whom had a vibrator that I affectionately named “Mr. Robotman.” I even had a song for him, sung to the tune of “Mr. Sandman”:

Mr. Robotman
Bring me a robot
Make him the greatest robot
I’ve ever robotted

But that’s neither here nor there. I think we can all agree sex with robots would be HOT!!!

“That’s it baby! You’re rocking my world!”

I am pleased the human carbon unit is enjoying the sensory perceptions being provided by SxBot-2777.

“Yeah, tell me how much you like it!”

As a robot unit I am incapable of your human notions of emotion but I am sure a female of your species would find your techniques quite pleasing.

“Yeah… talk dirty you little whore!”

5 thoughts on “Robot prostitutes go mainstream

  1. John Saleeby

    “I gotta make tracks, Max!”

    – Jean Paul Belmondo “Breathless”

    Belmondo also appears in another film entitled “Magnet Of Doom”. That’s a good title. If Forbis was in it the title would be “Magnet Of Douche”.

  2. Wil Post author

    “I find your sexual techniques infantile and lacking.”

    Sex Robot after having “sex” with Saleeby.

  3. Wil Post author

    Well, if you just had sex with them there will be nothing to clean up! (Because you’re impotent and have a laughably low sperm count.)

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