Mullet dreams

One of the points author Candace Pert makes in her book “Molecules of Emotion” is that recording your dreams is a good way to get insight into your psychological state. This is hardly breakthrough stuff, and I have always been fascinated by the nature and stories of our dreams.

Last night I had an interesting one. At one point I was looking at a framed picture of an ex-girlfriend of mine and her current boyfriend. She was wearing this kind of billowy dress, and the boyfriend didn’t look anything like the way he does in real life, but by the force of dream logic, I knew it was him.

A bit of background: This is a chick who considers herself to be a real connoisseur of genuine Americana music. She was rather prim and serious, but I thought we got along really well until she rather un-glamorously dumped me by essentially refusing to talk to me (she apologized later, but I’d still like to pour liquid ant food on her and throw her into a room full of ants.)

So I was thinking about this dream this morning. Why this strange dress? I realized it looked much like a wedding dress. Was I anticipating the news of her marriage to this boyfriend, news which would certainly slam the door on any possible reconciliation? Which opens up the question, did I want some kind of reconciliation with her? Is part of me still holding out hope for that relationship?

And why did the boyfriend look so different? For one thing he had a mullet. Then it struck me that he looked a lot like the farcical country/rap/heavy metal singer (and prodigy of Weird Al) Travis Shredd. Why is this significant? Well, right before this chick broke up with me, I gave her a copy of a Travis Shredd CD. And I’ve long wondered whether that was the straw that broke the camel’s back, so to speak — did this somehow breach upon her impression of herself as a “serious” fan of roots music? It’s hard to imagine someone taking themselves so seriously, but stranger things have happened.

Keep in mind, this relationship is like five years old, so it’s pretty bizarre that this stuff is still percolating in my head.

Travis Shredd is awesome though.

It seems like a lot of my psychological issues revolve around women. If only I wasn’t so attracted to their feminine intellect and emotional support vaginas.

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  1. John Saleeby

    “a room full of ants” – That’s cool.

    “You guys wait in here!”