The gangster’s id

As I continue to take a deep look at my psychology, I see more and more a pattern of repressing my id — my inner unmitigated desires. Though it might surprise people reading this blog, I generally do have a concern about social mores and responsibilities, and conduct my life with that in mind. My ego and superego are constantly tamping down on the urges of the id. This might explain my pleasure in drinking alcohol — the devil’s liquid temporarily quiets those voices.

This also might explain why I love gangster movies. Gangsters are characters with utterly unrepressed ids, and I think we all envy them for it. Can you imagine the catharsis of kidnapping your enemy, placing his testicles in a vice, and slowly, unrepentantly twisting the knob? Can you imagine the pleasure of treating those around you with the utter contempt and derision they so richly deserve? Can you imagine the confidence of seeing an attractive woman and knowing you will have your way with her, her thoughts and concerns on the issue being of no importance? The voices of fear and morality that plague most of us, are silenced in the mind of the gangster.

You can say what you want about these people, but psychologically speaking, I suspect they are very healthy.

3 Responses to “The gangster’s id”

  1. John Saleeby

    Did you see where that guy in the Guest Book called me a “faggot”? I’ll never look at the Internet again. I’m retiring from Acid Logic and throwing my lap top into the river. I can’t take such abuse!

  2. Wil

    You should put that guys testicles in a vice! Listen to your id!

  3. John Saleeby

    I have no vices.