The musician’s brain

I put down my guitar long enough to read this interesting article on the brains of musicians.

New research shows that musicians’ brains are highly developed in a way that makes the musicians alert, interested in learning, disposed to see the whole picture, calm, and playful. The same traits have previously been found among world-class athletes, top-level managers, and individuals who practice transcendental meditation.

Musicians also exhibited higher levels of moral reasoning and had more frequent “peak experiences”– intense moments of happiness and feelings of transcending limitations.

We’re also unusually good-looking and extraordinarily skilled at sexually satisfying our partners.

3 thoughts on “The musician’s brain

  1. John Saleeby

    That’s the kind of narcissistic Fairy nonsense that forced me to stop reading the otherwise excellent “Musician” magazine. Does “Cashier” magazine go on about Convenience Store Check Out Clerk’s “Innate ability to know when a customer wants his items to be bagged or not or exactly what flavor of Skoal he wants”?
    “A Cashier is a highly intuitive human being who can instinctively sense whether or not someone is old enough to buy beer or trying to work up the courage to ask for the copy of Husler behind the counter. Only an experienced Counter Person knows when someone is digging in their pocket to find the exact change to make a cash payment. A dumb ass saxophone player would just go right ahead and ring up the amount they were first handed.” Those Cashiers think they’re so hot just because all the teenage girls are lining up to suck their dicks.

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