Hearts and minds

It’s interesting how the fact that a person has some minor similarity to you somehow endears them to you. For example, at your place of work or school, you may have some person who is constantly antagonizing you, constantly disagreeing with what you say. And over the course of years, your heart has calcified into bitter hatred towards this person. And then one day, you find out that like you, they use honey in their coffee. And your reaction to them is softened. You think, “when I finally break down and kill everyone in this room, I will kill you first and painlessly.”

The human mind is a curious thing.

1 Response to “Hearts and minds”

  1. John Saleeby

    No one at work has anything in common with me. Cause I’m gonna make you see there’s nobody else here, no one like me. I’m special! Special! So SPECIAL! I’ve got to have some of your attention! GIVE IT TO ME!!!

    Gunshots, screams

    They call me the Top Cat right in this here town and you better not be here, baby, when the sun goes down!

    Saleeby disapears in Super Shiney Space Ship