Who doesn’t love bacon?

Normally I despise talking animal videos, but this is pretty funny.

4 Responses to “Who doesn’t love bacon?”

  1. John Saleeby

    I only like Cat Videos. Dog Videos are High School!

  2. John Saleeby

    This morning AMC showed a totally Kick Ass episode of “The Rifleman” and when they showed the credits I found out it was Written and Directed by SAM PECKINPAH!!!

    God, Chuck Conners is scarey on that show. I guess they had to give him a Son to almost make him resemble a Human Being. A while ago I saw an old Movie about a Rehab Center for Heroin addicts with Conners as one of the Junkies – CREEPY!!!

    Before “The Rifleman” Conners starred on another TV Western called “Brand”. I don’t remember that show but I do know that there was a “Brand” board game. My Dad thought that was hilarious “A ‘BRAND’ BOARD GAME!?!” Then he’d do a bit where he’d pretend to be playing the game “Oh shit! I’ve landed on the ‘Surrounded by Red Indians’ square! I hate this game! Let’s play ‘Bonanza’! Ha ha!”

  3. Wil

    Yeah, Peckinpah did a lot of work on those 50s TV westerns. I think he actually got fired from one because the scripts were too disturbing.

  4. John Saleeby

    It was pretty cool. This creepy Gunfighter was determined to have it out with a Rancher but when they went out for The Big Showdown the Rancher refused to draw his gun, prefering to DUKE IT OUT instead. The Gunman shit his pants, Conners wouldn’t let him run away, and the Rancher BEAT THE SHIT OUT OF HIM. Then, for some reason I missed because I was watching this at work, some other guy shot the Gunfighter while he was still laying on the ground. I was too surprised by seeing “DIRECTED BY SAM PECKINPAH” on the screen to go “What the FUCK?!”

    There was another episode featuring Royal Dano as a Douser. Look up “Royal Dano” and “Douser”.

    Robert Altman Directed a bunch of “Bonanza” episodes.

    David Hemmings Directed a million episodes of “The Rockford Files” and “The A Team”.