Libya thoughts

One current event I haven’t commented on — largely because of being immobilized by this cold — is Libya. While it’s not an issue I have fire racing through my blood over, I think the invasion is a mistake. First and foremost, it seems like there is any lesson from the Iraq war it’s don’t invade countries that haven’t directly attacked you. Secondly, I refer to a quote from one of the Libyan rebels I read a few weeks ago. It was something like, “We have no training. We have no weapons. They [Qaddafi's forces] are slaughtering us.” I read this and thought, “maybe you shouldn’t have started a revolution then.” An essay in the current New Yorker reinforces this. The Libyan rebel forces, however noble their intent may be, seem woefully ill-prepared for acts of war. I suppose, with the might of first world countries on their side, they may win but I’m not sure they’ll fare any better at putting together a functioning government.

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  1. John Saleeby

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