The return of Anita Hill

I note that — 19 years after the initial scandal — the controversy surrounding Anita Hill’s accusations of sexual misconduct by current Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas have been revived. If you’ve forgotten the specifics, they are explored in this CBS news article. For instance…

Hill also testified that Thomas would boast about being well-endowed and has experience in pleasing women intimately.

Her exact words were, “Thomas claimed to be a lot like Wil Forbis.”

2 Responses to “The return of Anita Hill”

  1. John Saleeby

    What does Anita Hill do for a living these days? I guess she’s living off of all the money the Democratic National Committee gave her.

  2. John Saleeby

    Bob Guccione died.

    Thanks for turning me on to women’s ASSHOLES, Bob!

    I owe you, man!