Live a life of adventure — without leaving your couch!

It strikes me that video morphing technology could be used for an interesting new type of business: doctored vacation photos. Basically, companies would take photographs of a client’s face and apply it to videos of people doing all sorts of interesting activities. Then the client could present these as proof that they had an interesting vacation. For instance, they could say, “Here’s a video of me jamming on air guitar during the tribal chant of the Swami pygmies of northern Africa.” Or, “Here’s a video of me hang gliding in between spouts of lava during the recent Mount Wacamaca volcanic eruption.” Or, “Here’s a video of me having sex with Paris Hilton.”

Granted, it’s easy enough to actually get Paris Hilton in bed. But this way there’s no risk of syphilis.

1 Response to “Live a life of adventure — without leaving your couch!”

  1. John Saleeby

    Maybe they can do that with Movies.

    “Here’s me as Clyde in ‘Bonnie And Clyde’.”

    “Here’s me as Kong in ‘King Kong’”.

    “Here’s me as The Burro in the Eight Millimeter Movie your Mom starred in back in the early Sixties when she was a heroin addict.”

    “Here’s Forbis as the Lead Singer in Duran Duran’s ‘Girls On Film’ video. He ROCKS!!”