Relationship advice?

Why is it in movies like “Dinner for Schmucks,” where the male lead has to choose between a beautiful, kind and perfectly lovable young woman and a psychotic, emotionally volatile nut job, I always find the nut job far more attractive?

6 Responses to “Relationship advice?”

  1. CPR

    Cause you’re thinking about banging her rather than marrying her. Crazy chicks are great in bed!

  2. John Saleeby

    Maybe because the Crazy Girl is better written and performed. In Real Life Crazy Girls are horribly written and performed.

  3. Wil

    Well, it’s certainly true that movie crazy chicks are just better looking since they’re played by generally sane actresses (At least as sane as an actress can be.)

    But, you know, I have slept with some crazy chicks and I’m not sure the better in bed theory is that solid. Some of them are duds. And some emotionally secure normal chicks are great.

    Of course, all chicks are kind of crazy. That’s why men run the world, right fellahs?! HAWHAWHAWHAWHAW!!!

  4. John Saleeby

    Yeah, well, a chick would have to be crazy to sleep with you! HAWHAWHAWHAW!!

  5. John Saleeby

    Ya know, that girl in the picture with your tattoo blog is really sweet.

  6. Wil

    Yeah, driven crazy with desire for the touch (and nine inch penis) of a real man! HAWHAWHAWHAWHAWHAWHAWHAWHAW!

    (I wrote more HAWs so my joke is funnier.)