After a long period of inactivity I'm starting to add pages to this section. Enjoy! (Update: I just realized a lot of these DHTML powered projects no longer work. Of well, they were good while they lasted.)
  • Moving Pictures A series of musical and experimental film and animation Youtube clips.
  • We Are Doomed A DHTML animation contemplating the meaninglessness of life.
  • Zarcon Module interface While playing around with Macromedia's Fireworks program, I came up with these totally useless Interface. (weighs in at about 56k) Perhaps it can help you whittle away the hours.
  • The Gallery A collection of Cyber Art I did on a Mac a few years ago, back when I was first getting into computers. Plenty of naked women (but artistically so.)
  • Russian Women, Inc A parody site I did making jest of the numerous "wives for sale" sites you see out there on the net.
  • Feeling Fishy A delightful DHTML animation for the whole family. 4.0 browser and up please.
    (warning: contains swarthy language.)
  • Donner Party Massacre My first attempt at a Dynamic HTML virtual boardgame. Detailed instructions are provided.
  • Acid Logic If you haven't come across Acid Logic, my humour e-zine, through other links in this site, now's your chance. By the way, Nina Hagen really kicked Ass. Features Acid Radio
  • Strange Snoop Dogg page I was fooling around with ascii art and some DHTML while Doggystyle was playing. This is the end result.
  • Flying Ascii Satan Yet another DHTML experiment involving layers and ascii art. Somewhat pointless, it reminds me of that giant neon sign in Times Square. Doesn't seem to work very well in Netscape.
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"Its a funny old world... A man's lucky if he can get out alive."

W.C. Fields

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