Donner Party Massacre
Donner Party Massacre is a virtual Boardgame that's fun for the whole family. Playing the game allows you to relive the horror and terror of the ill-fated, canibalistic Donner Party in their hellish attempt to cross some mountains in California, circa the late 1800's. Only by ignoring all standard rules of basic human civilization can you survive. Gather the kids and launch the virtual boardgame. (Note: the game only works in "4" and up browsers.)
Intructions: This is pretty standard Milton-Bradley stuff. You click the dice to roll them and move your man (currently a little colored square) that many spaces. Once you've landed, you pick a card and follow those instructions. After that, the next player goes. There's no playing the computer, or any of that nonsense, if anything a game about cannibalism should bring people together for some quality time. Go grab grampa out of the nursing home and sit him down for a couple of rounds. (Just get him back in time for his medication.)

If you have any suggestions for the card messages, e-mail them to me.

Technically, this game is still in beta. It works and everything, but I want to dress it up a bit graphically and add some more cards. Still, it's as much fun as any game about eating other human beings can be. (For some reason that reminds me of a time in the sixth grade when a classmate, Peter Ku, was writing an essay on equality between the sexes that began, "Women are human beans.")

Let's Play!!!!

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