Yet another stupid Rock and Roll article

For years I’ve gnashed my teeth while reading idiotic articles that present the history of rock and roll through the lens of punk rock. According to these authors, rock was born a free and rebellious movement, was co-opted by corporate America in the 70s, tried to wrestle free via the punk and grunge movements (insert tear stained worship of Saint Cobain here) and was then finally put to death. These authors never concede that many forces have affected Rock through its history and they certainly never concede that punk rock is – by and large – absolutely worthless dog feces disguised (poorly) as music.

As such, it was quite a pleasure to come across one of these articles and find that it is almost universally panned in the comments section. I can only imagine the young author thought he would achieve some degree of acclaim by parroting the talking points of his Sociology 101 professor but instead found himself mocked and humiliated by his peers. I only pray that such a virtual ass kicking leads him to experience a lifetime of sexual inadequacy.

You can read the piece here: How Technology Killed Rock And Roll. I’ll highlight some of the great replies.

“This is the least cohesive article I’ve ever read on MTT.

Really? Rock n’ roll is dead because of technology? Really?”

“Oh noes! You’ve pushed at your straw man with all your might, and now it’s fallen over.”

“Sorry but this article is complete and utter nonsense,”

“We need a timeline on public announcements that rock and roll was dead, starting maybe in the 1950′s, when it was about to be replaced by trad jazz.”

And on and on…

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