Monkey fixations

Even the most sophisticated and intellectual among us (myself, for example) have picked up a copy of People magazine when stuck at an Airport with nothing to read. For some reason, staring at pictures of the beautiful and famous is a way to pass the time. It turns out monkeys are no different. They will “pay juice” to look at pictures of higher ranking monkeys.

Researches have found that monkeys will “pay” juice rewards to see images of high-ranking monkeys… They say their research technique offers a rigorous laboratory approach to studying the “social machinery” of the brain and how this machinery goes tragically awry in autism — a disease that afflicts more than a million Americans and is the fastest growing developmental disorder.

It seems, sadly, that monkeys are just as guilty as us when it comes to celebrity obsession.

Male monkeys will also pay juice to look at pictures of female monkey butts. But that seems perfectly reasonable.

3 thoughts on “Monkey fixations

  1. john

    Will they pay more juice to look at butts of female monkeys in School Girl Uniforms?

    It would funny if a Pipe Smoking Monkey in a Smoking Jacket started a Monkey Butt Magazine called Playmonkey. Ha ha.

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