Mo’ flow

I’ve mentioned my interest in pursuing a mental state of what I call “flow.” This is a state where you are performing flawlessly, not thinking but doing, your consciousness fully integrated into the moment. It’s a little hard to understand, even I get confused about it. But I think I experienced some of it tonight. I was jogging, and, as often happens when I’m jogging, one of my shoelaces became untied. Normally I find this very distracting. I stop running and think, “Fuck, let’s just get this fucker tied ASAP. Jesus, what a waste of time… gotta run… Fuck, fucking SHITFUCKERS, it won’t tie! SHIT!” In that state I just want to get past the process of tying and back to running. But tonight I took a different tact. I committed myself to the process of tying the shoe and it went smoothly. I focused on the task at hand as opposed to distracting thoughts. It was quite rewarding.


1 Response to “Mo’ flow”

  1. john

    That’s really cool, but don’t tell any Japanese people about that. Them and their fuckin’ Zen.