Steve Niles

This is a pretty cool looking website by a comic book/horror author.

5 Responses to “Steve Niles”

  1. John Saleeby

    Really cool. This seems familiar. I remember that fan in the back. Did you mention this site to me before?

  2. Wil

    Oh no you d’int! That’s my new response to these kinds of comments, John. “Oh no you d’int!!!!”

  3. John Saleeby

    Be serious! I’ve seen this site before, was it at your suggestion?

    I’m gonna get me a fan just like that this Summer!

    I’m gonna join Netflix so’s I can watch Movies on my lap top. Ever since they took all the DVDs away I have fallen behind on my Movie watching.

  4. Wil

    T’wasn’t me that suggested it – it’s new to me.

  5. John Saleeby

    Oh, so I knew about it before you did?

    I WIN!

    And I’ve never said “T’wasn’t”!

    I WIN AGAIN!!!