Who you calling a turkey?

Interesting… you might recall my recent synopsis of a New Yorker article that alleged that our nation’s predilection for antibiotic shots might be partly to blame for our obesity epidemic (read the link for further details.) Today, I come across this:

As Lynne Peeples reported last year, tens of millions of turkeys in dense factory farms are fed a diet that includes low doses of antibiotics, which help animals grow faster for still-mysterious reasons.

And you thought turkeys got fat sitting around watching TV and drinking Budweiser.

1 Response to “Who you calling a turkey?”

  1. John Saleeby

    I say, have I mentioned my recent dream about some fiend deep frying a live turkey? Remember that “Poltergeist” sequel where the Dad swallowed the worm in a bottle of tequila, threw it up, and it grew into this disgusting armless-legless Worm Man Torso that flopped around all nasty and shit? The turkey jumped out of the fryer and turned into the same disgusting armless-legless Turkey Man Torso flopping around all nasty and shit. I got on the phone and called the Police. This all happened in a trailer park.

    Doing that “Pictures Of Thandie Newton” hasn’t done anything to get her off my mind. Maybe I should deep fry her little ass?