Bloody Bloody Bible Camp

Last night I was perusing around for a horror film to watch and ended up settling on a horror/comedy called “Bloody Bloody Bible Camp.” It’s a low-budget homage to 80s slasher films like “Friday the 13th” and it’s just a pure joy to watch. It’s one of those movies that, when positioned to either go for a cheap gag or stay within the realms of moral decency, dives headlong into the cheap gag. Plus, lots of good cheapo death scenes, often featuring characters who are eviscerated and have their intestines fall at their feet. No shortage of boobies either.

Here’s a fun review of the flick.

Making a successful horror/comedy is not an easy task. So it ends up being a rare surprise when one lands in your lap and turns out to be a twisted and perverted little masterpiece. “Bloody Bloody Bible Camp” is one of those rare gems, from the first line of muttered dialogue (“Jesus probably had a big penis.”), to the final freeze framed shot, that just flat out entertains the way a B-movie should. I had no clue when I started the film that it was going to be THIS good. It also didn’t hurt having one of my favorite personalities starring in it, Mr. Reggie Bannister. I met Reggie one time many years ago and he was one of the nicest guys you could ever meet. Being a HUGE “Phantasm” fan (I have a Tall Man tattoo), I love seeing him in anything. In a way, he was those films’ comic relief (at least to a small extent). In “BBBC”, he is able to fully exercise his comedic chops and the dude is funny. In fact, the entire cast was terrific and I have a feeling that it will end up being a much talked about cult classic.

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  1. John Saleeby

    I have to experience “Bloody Bloody Bible Camp”.

  2. Wil

    Check out the movie too!