New horror music!

Here’s a new creepy horror theme I just finished. It’s best listened to while walking around late at night after learning that a deranged killer has escaped from a nearby asylum. But at home in front of your computer works too.

Chamber of Severed Heads (Horror theme) by Wil Forbis

2 Responses to “New horror music!”

  1. John Saleeby

    Ya know, it’s weird – As soon as I started listening to that a really big guy wearing a Homer Simpson mask smashed through my bedroom window and took a swing at me with an axe! As I ran down the street still listening to that Music the Psycho followed me, pelting me with the decapitated heads he pulled out of the bloody sack he carried. Finally, when I couldn’t run anymore and fell down exhausted the Mad Man showly approached me, drooling and muttering as he raised his axe . . . And was hit by a lightning bolt and exploded into ten million slimey chunks as the Music came to an end. Next time give us some Japanese School Girl Porn Music and let’s see what happens.

  2. Wil

    I’m saving the japanese porn music for myself. Play some Shonen Knife!