Homeless for hire

There’s an intersection several miles from my house which always seems to be populated by some homeless person holding up a sign begging for cash. Lately I’ve seen a couple girls there and I have to say that they are the cutest homeless chicks I’ve ever seen. Usually homeless chicks have that methed out no-teeth-and-leathery-skin look; these gals are in their early 20s and are quite fetching. (One of them has really got some curves, too.) It makes me wonder how far they’d go to earn a buck if you know what I mean. I can think of quite a number of jobs I’d like to see them performing! Of course, working for Wil Forbis can get very, very dirty!

For instance, the city dug up one of the trees in front of the house and I’ve been thinking it would be very helpful if someone could cover that area with some cement brick. Also, there’s a tree stump in the garden area that really should be dug up and possibly chopped into firewood. Also, I’ve been considering a long-standing project which would be hiring someone to go through my extensive collection of cassette tapes, label and organize them, and then enter all the information into a computer database.

Yeah… I really should talk to those girls.

3 Responses to “Homeless for hire”

  1. John Saleeby

    Are those girls Asian?

    I’m moving to San Diego.

  2. Wil

    I don’t think so – maybe Irish? They’re pretty tan.

  3. John Saleeby

    Irish girls don’t tan – They go up in flames.