A lobster named George

I was nosing around reading about animals with long lifespans and came across mention of George the lobster. George is a lobster (you might have guessed that) and was purportedly 140 years old when he was released in the wild a few years ago.

At first one feels a twinge of jealously towards George. After all, what could we do with our lives if we could live into our 14th decade? But I wonder if it would be all that great. Sure, George might have seen many things – the advent of the automobile, the freeing of American slaves, the birth of television – but what of the dissappointments, the heartbreaks? Eventually life takes its on a person’s (or lobster’s) psyche. There comes a point, I feel, when one can say, “I have lived enough.” Perhaps George has reached that point.

I bet he would be delicious.

1 Response to “A lobster named George”

  1. John Saleeby

    All the other Lobsters are fucking sick of George and his stories. And changing his Lobster Diaper is a drag.