German — the sexiest language

Lately, I’ve been making an attempt to learn some basic travel German. I’m finding that YouTube has a ton of language instruction videos that are quite useful because you can hear the words as well as see them (unlike, say, an instruction book.) I’ve also discovered a phenomenon I was unaware of: young hot girls posting videos of themselves teaching languages.

Obviously, this is just a desperate attempt on their part to find the male attention they so desperately need. But I figure, why not indulge them? Who wants to learn a foreign language from some fat, middle-aged loser (as we all did in high school)?

For instance, check out “German Kati.”

Then, there’s a ton of babes (plus some dudes — ech) at the “visual guide to German pronunciation” video.

But perhaps the most popular German language babe is “SpeedyConKiwi.” I like her because she’s actually not totally hot and thus seems approachable — she’s got that “yeah, I could hit that,” vibe.

With language instruction like this, who needs Internet porn?

1 Response to “German — the sexiest language”

  1. Wil

    What I’m finding amusing about these German Kati episodes is often she finishes the lesson and doesn’t seem to realize she’s still on camera, so she breathes an obvious sigh of relief at having gotten through the ordeal. I suppose I’ll find one where she says something like, “I wonder if those stupid Americans can get that through their thick skull.”