Cameras everywhere…

This is pretty awesome. As we all know, many modern laptops have a camera built into them. When one laptop user discovered that his computer had been stolen, he used the built-in camera to take photos of the new owner of the laptop (the thief) and publish them at the above link.

Missing laptops always reminds me of a day I was on the bus leaving Venice Beach California. A rather disheveled, slightly neurotic looking man got on the bus and sat down. About three stops later, he bolted upright in what I first assumed to be some kind of epileptic seizure. He screamed, “my laptop!” and it became apparent that he had left his laptop at the bus stop. Quietly, I laughed at his vain hope that the laptop would still be there as he got off the bus and ran back.

Nothing brightens your day like the suffering of others!

1 Response to “Cameras everywhere…”

  1. John Saleeby

    Are people watching my face through my lap top camera while I jack off to internet porn? According to old girlfriends I do this weird “lips tightening across my teeth” thing, I’d hate to find out that I’m known throughout the Porn Community as “Mister Lips Tightening Across His Teeth”. Good thing I floss.