Comics and midgets — a couple interesting links.

Here’s a couple of links that have interested me lately.

The Tiniest Rock Stars — an article on various rock performers like Prince and Angus Young who are possessed of a middling stature. The piece is essentially satirical People style writing, but it’s fun to laugh at the misfortunes of others, particularly when they’re far more successful than you.

Digital Comic Museum — an archive of royalty-free comics from the Golden age of comics. You have to register to download, and I have to confess I haven’t actually looked at any yet, but it does seem like an ideal way to waste otherwise useful periods of your life. I’ve noticed around than they do seem to have a number of suspense and weird comics of the classic E.C. variety (though I doubt they have the actual E.C. mags which I presume to be still copyrighted.)

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