Acid Logic by Wil Forbis

"Acid Logic: a Decade of Humorous Writing on Pop Culture, Trash Cinema and Rebel Music" available @ AMAZON.COM


‘Wil is a cynic’s cynic, but in the depths of his filthy black heart he hasn’t forgotten how to love. Or how to write.’
Mike Daisey, monologuist (‘How Theater Failed America’) and author (‘21 Dog Years: Doing Time @ ‘)

‘Forbis has that rare thing, an open mind, with tons of random stuff flowing through it, and a crow’s eye for the glittering oddities of pop culture.’
John Richardson, author ‘My Father the Spy,’ ‘In the Little World’

‘If any sense is going to be made of a culture dominated by violent movies, noisy music and silly TV shows, it’s going to come from guys like Wil Forbis who like violent movies, noisy music and silly TV shows.’
John Saleeby, contributor ‘National Lampoon,’ ‘Classic Rock’ magazines.

‘ Wil Forbis is the triple threat of the internet, and anyone who’s writing online should be watching their rearview mirror in white-knuckled panic for the lunatic generalissimo of the website no one wanted to know existed–Acid Logic.’
Steve Anderson, columnist ‘Reel Advice From the Video Store Guy’

"Take one part Rolling Stone’s Lester Bangs with two parts National Lampoon’s Michael O’Donoghue and stir in a swizzle stick of’s Cintra Wilson, and you have the intoxicatingly addictive cocktail that is Wil Forbis."
Earl Horlyck, Sioux City Weekender

"...the most entertaining book I’ve read all year. Forbis’ juxtaposition of subtlety, cynicism, and over the top ranting (not to mention his penchant for asking his interview subjects truly interesting questions) makes for a dizzying ride through the annals of pop culture..."
Rich Evans, Exotic Magazine



A Quarter Past Four -  a jazz album by Wil Forbis

"A Quarter Past Four " by Wil Forbis and the Gentlemen Scoundrels available at CDBABY.COM

Shadey's Jukebox available at

"Shadey's Jukebox" by Wil Forbis and the Gentlemen Scoundrels available at CDBABY.COM

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Wil Forbis and the Gentlemen Scoundrels Wil Forbis and the Gentlemen Scoundrels
  • Sioux City Weekender "Forbis' tribute to a jazzier time is more lounge than it is supper club and more a dank, after hours juke joint than the Copa."
  • MidWest Record "Spiff up those spats, wax your mustache and give the guy at the door the secret password. This set is a riot. "
  • Roctober Magazine "Should be called Wil EIGHTbus, because this collection of swinging cocktail jump blues jazz... is twice as good as what they did before!"

  • Listen Local @ Berkley Sound Episode 1 (Podcast) "...a fuckin' A!"
  • Rocktober Magazine"...these scoundrels put together some fine lyrics, solid chops, and good intentions, and end up with some super solid, sometimes funny/sometimes sad honky tonkers."
  • Reviewer Magazine "Forbis, showing his chops as a musician and singer-songwriter, depicts the American tapestry through this eclectic album."
  • The Country Chart "...a solid effort by one of the most interesting California musicians to ever enter the alt-country music scene."
  • Maverick (UK print mag) "5 out of 5 stars... superb material performed well."
  • Country Jukebox (German web site) "an exciting fusion of straightforward Traditional Country and handmade bluegrass, jazz, rock and pop"
  • Midwest Record "Wonderful, crazy stuff... Not a diamond in the rough, it's a left field hit waiting to happen."
  • Billy's Bunker Music Reviews "Country gone beautifully wrong."
  • San Diego Troubadour "...Forbis has some definite songwriting chops."
  • Diskant.Net "The music here is a combination of swingin’ croon, hick bluegrass and country twang – ...nothing could really be more American."
  • Far West Almanac "... pitch perfect ballads and rockers... with the panache of 1970s pop rock..."

“Shadey’s Jukebox is the kind of cd that sticks with you through multiple listens. It has real bite and lasting power."
Jason Ringenberg, Jason and the Scorchers

"Forbis has a badass attitude and the guitar chops to back it up, but he also knows how to slow down and engage in authentic self-expression."
Ben Vaughn, producer, television music composer (That 70’s Show, Third Rock from the Sun)

"Shadey's Jukebox is a pleasure to hear and deserves attention from a wide audience."
Stace England, recording artist

"Truly a renaissance man, Wil Forbis shows off singing, guitar playing and remarkably clever songwriting."
Rick Shea, recording artist, former member of Dave Alvin and the Guilty Men

"A great record."
Russell Hill, Russell Hill's Country Music Show on 93.7 Express FM


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