xmag.com (now defunct) - Review of Acid Logic
Rich Evans

Since the mid-90s, Seattle expatriate Wil Forbis has lorded over acidlogic.com from his current Los Angeles base of operations. Acidlogic showcases the work of various underground writers who all share a love of sometimes ignored segments of pop culture. Mixed in with the random, very un-PC musings on comic books, Blaxploitation movies, and Jewish humor are several works of fiction that could be described as both wildly creative and hilariously profane. Forbis, the leader of this demented band of scribes, has recently compiled a collection of his writings for the site, entitled, “Acid Logic: A Decade of Humorous Writing on Pop Culture, Trash Cinema, and Rebel Music.”

“Acid Logic” reveals Wil Forbis in all his splendor as a twisted underground voice that fans of writers like George Tabb and Jim Goad will immediately identify with. Not that many people in this world would hold such disparate characters as Theolonius Monk, GG Allin, Antonio Fargas, and Saddam Hussein in similar regard. Forbis, on the other hand, deems them all “Interesting Motherfuckers”, then proceeds to explain why in often hilarious detail.

Also included are pieces entitled, “Interview With King Kong”, “The Suckiest Superhero In The World”, and “Dean Koontz Can Blow Me.” These jockey for position with a host of other quirky essays, as well as reviews of cult movies like “Sid And Nancy” and fascinating interviews with mostly unheralded performers such as bondage metal queen The Great Kat, Gerald V Casale from Devo, and the guy who played “Booger” in “Revenge Of The Nerds”.

This all adds up to be the most entertaining book I’ve read all year. Forbis’ juxtaposition of subtlety, cynicism, and over the top ranting (not to mention his penchant for asking his interview subjects truly interesting questions) makes for a dizzying ride through the annals of pop culture as viewed through a wide pair of eyes hard wired to a delightfully warped mind.