A Quarter Past Four by Wil Forbis and the GS

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Announcing the new album A Quarter Past Four from Wil Forbis and the Gentlemen Scoundrels!

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Following the trail of 2008's country rock album Shadey's Jukebox, the band has taken a left turn and produced a collection of original jazz material. Replete with horns, harps and songs of heartache (as well as some happier numbers) A Quarter Past Four is the album to buy in 2012!!! (And all years thereafter.) It features these quality songs:

1. A Quarter Past Four
2. Love Locked in a Vault
3. Speakeasy Blues
4. Nightflowers
5. On Hold
6. I'll Have the Blues until I Die
7. A Quarter Past Four (Reprise)

This album is released by Rankoutsider Records and was recorded, mixed and mastered at FSF Music.



  • Sioux City Weekender "Forbis' tribute to a jazzier time is more lounge than it is supper club and more a dank, after hours juke joint than the Copa."
  • MidWest Record "Spiff up those spats, wax your mustache and give the guy at the door the secret password. This set is a riot. "
  • Roctober Magazine "Should be called Wil EIGHTbus, because this collection of swinging cocktail jump blues jazz... is twice as good as what they did before!"
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Song Samples

Album Credits:

Wil Forbis: Vocals, Guitar on Track 6
Peter Kavanaugh: Guitars
Geoff Rakness: Upright and Electric Bass
Mark San Filippo: Drums and Percussion

Kevin T. Smith: Piano, Keyboards
Laura DeWitt: Duet Vocals on Track 2
Dan Weinstein: Trombone
Schwee Miguel: Saxophone
Mike Bolger: Trumpet
Laura Osborn: Flute
Julian Risigari-Gai: Orchestral Harp
Kent Klineman, Bill Tasgall: Shout Vocals, Handclaps

Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Frank San Filippo for FSF Studios (http://www.fsf-music.com)
Horn arrangements on Track 1, 2 and 7: Dan Weinstein
Flute arrangement for Track 2: Frank San Filippo
Album art by Wayno, copyright 2011 (http://www.wayno.com)

All songs written by Wil Forbis (BMI)