Response to the Phase

By Jas

I happened to stumble upon your drunken ramblings excerpt, about creativity and the outlandish buffoonery of the mind and I got to thinking. Thinking in the sense that I too have pondered the notion; Why do creations of the stark-witted and tremendously talented fade to fecal with some, while with others a constant flow of creative stability persists?

Perhaps itís ones search for their own personal perfection. Never truly being satisfied, always thinking more can be done. The notion that perhaps somewhere somehow there is more... A sort of belief that is far from crystal clear, yet it's presence undeniable. Perhaps this passion is to accomplish more for oneself or maybe just to get any type of reaction from someone.. anyone.

t's crazy though, this then kinda journey's into the ticking of the individual mind, but I don't believe that's truly the issue at hand. I think perhaps it's maintaining a simple humbility. Itís like so many people seem to make it to the top and once they arrive, turds of turbulence smear their eyes causing them to lose themselves in the creamed crapola.

But what about the plateau at the top of those regions? Is there one? If so does it lead to but another?

I like to think the, "you're your own worst enemyĒ, syndrome comes into play. Maybe, those who have the ability to continue to grow in their own minds are the ones who donít let "themselves" get the best of "themselves." As cheesy as that may present itself, I believe it holds true in many cases. Self-destruction becomes the defining motive that fuels deterioration. Then I get to thinking how can I avoid my own dastardly self-destruction. Damn, Iím no where near the top. Iím ten thousand liters beneath the brisk and chilly snowcaps of the Southern Pole.

And if I knew how to avoid the self inflicted buffoonery, that at times seems to shred my own mind, things would be splendid indeed.

Anyways, I could go on and on but shit though, I'm not certain if you're even still reading at this point as I have cluttered your mailbox with senseless ramble, but what can I say, you got me thinking, and it's been a while, so I figured I'd toss some perspective in your direction.

The fleas and the bees shall stand for sleaze
yet this is false for leafy trees.
to them there's simply no appease.