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What's New:
Saw Traffic. Good, but not that good.

Decided to get of my ass and link to some of the outside sites that have been generous enough to include my drivel on their pages.
Check out The Politics of Superheroes, Stan Lee, Savior of Youth, and Why I Hate Vampires, hosted at swingmachine.org

Acid Radio is an ongoing internet radio show delving into a variety of wacky topics and important social issues.
Click here to listen.

Of course, you need the Real Player to hear the program.

The E-zine America has grown to love

Acid Logic has proven itself a vibrant and important site, converting thousands of people to Satanism each day.Your life is meaningless without it. Find out why!!!

Yet another e-zine that I'm doing, Web Attack focuses on internet issues and technology with the Acid Logic smarm built in. Check it out!

Stuff To Be Aware Of:

Set up the site so that you can click the "f" key to return to this front page or the "a" key to jump over to my Acid Logic zine. In addition to that, I programmed the "r","o","b" and "g" keys to let you fool with the background color.
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