Coffee fights diabetes?

I’m never one to miss a chance to tout the benefits of various maligned substances such as coffee and wine (and heroin!) Time mag reports that coffee may offer some protection against Type 2 Diabetes.

The link between drinking coffee and a lower risk of type 2 diabetes onset has been previously discovered, though scientists were unsure why the connection was there. While there was some speculation that the caffeine in coffee might have a role, other data has suggested that people benefit even if they’re drinking decaf.

When a person has diabetes, he or she become insulin resistant. Unregulated blood sugar levels also characterize the disease. The researchers found that cafestol increased blood sugar intake in the cells and that both cafestol and caffeic acid increased insulin secretion. The fact that the two components targeted systems and actions related to diabetes suggests they could be the components that give coffee its protective benefit. The dual benefit of cafestol was especially noteworthy to the study authors.

The usual caveats apply. The study was done on rats and scientists don’t think they understand all the details. Still, have another cup on me!

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