I like Donald Trump

I really make an effort not to get too drawn into the gamesmanship of politics, but it’s hard not be entertained by the rise of Donald Trump as a Republican contender. He seems to be such an unending source of contridictions and oddball statements that I hope he stays in the race a while.

And I have to say, even though I’m almost certain a Trump presidency would bring about the destruction of humanity (and probably the earth, possibly the galaxy) I kind of respect him. In particular I like his utter refusal to apologize for obnoxious but fundamentally meaningless statements. I think the best response to his Megan Kelly directed comment that she has “blood coming out of her whatever…” is an eye roll. But of course everyone is huffing and puffing and declaring his words totally beyond the bounds of decency or what have you. In response to this, the Donald simple tells his detractors to fuck off; this is quite refreshing in an era where people are constantly emitting mealy-mouthed mea culpas. I’m not sure why I admire that, but I do.

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