Dream girls

I had an interesting dream last night in which I was talking to a girl I used to know. It was definitely her, even though she didn’t exactly look like her. One difference was that the dream girl had this weird bent tooth which the real girl does not have. She did have, however, the large breasts that I so fondly remember.

I woke up and was thinking about the dream. It struck me that I have another female friend who has large breasts and also has that weird bent tooth. My dream factory sort of borrowed this trait from one friend and glued it onto another.

This ties into my earlier post about the discovery of a neuron that only fires when people see pictures of Jennifer Anniston. I’ve seen this explained as follows: the Jennifer Anniston neuron is at the end of a long chain of neural “units” that individually recognize certain traits. Maybe one unit recognizes blue/grey eyes, another a pointy chin, another a diminutive physique, another tan skin etc. When all these units are active they end up firing off this neuron at the end of the chain which says, “Yay! Jennifer Anniston!”

So what happened in my dream? It seems like some wires got crossed and neural units from Girl B (big tits, funny tooth) got fired while thinking about Girl A (big tits, no funny tooth.)

The mind is fascinating.

Here’s some pictures of Jennifer Anniston.

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