Printable weapons

I was commenting a while back on the idea that drones – of the same sort we are using in Afghanistan and Pakistan – could fall into the hands of drug cartels in Mexico and we could see them flying into border states. Weapons technology has become so democratized that even non-state actors (e.g cartels, terrorist orgs, Boy Scouts) can access it.

But it’s not just drones. Amidst all the talk of gun control, this Wired article makes the point that guns, including assault weapons, can now be printed via 3-D printers. The difficulties of regulating or banning such devices are obvious.

I think we’re clearly headed into an era where technology is going to be beyond the reach of governments. You want to create a bio-virus that can wipe out a metropolis? The instructions and technology will be out there regardless of the illegality.

The best thing to do is to start cannibalizing your neighbors now – before they come for you.

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