A cheetah’s life

I went for a mid morning run today; something I rarely do (usually I run in the evenings if I run at all.) For whatever reasons I tired out sooner than usual and was just beat. It got me thinking that this must be what a lot of predatory animals like cheetahs experience. You’re chasing after a gazelle or something and you tire out and are just plain exhausted. And it was all for nothing – you didn’t get the gazelle.

And you probably have some friend come up – a fellow cheetah or something – and say, “What’s wrong dude?”

And you say, “I was chasing after a gazelle and he got away and now I’m totally fucking tired.”

And he says, “Whoa, that’s a bummer dude.”

And you mutter, “I would kill you if I wasn’t so tired.”

And he says, “What’s that?”

And you say, “Uh, gee, have you seen the new issue of WIRED?”

It would suck to be a cheetah.

1 Response to “A cheetah’s life”

  1. John Saleeby

    There used to be a magazine called Cheetah.

    I used to drink beer with Cheetah Chrome from The Dead Boys.

    I gotta go to work.