Real men are over 40

Here’s a hilarious article noting that the advent of Internet porn has created a generation of young men so desensitized by sexual imagery that they’re incapable of being aroused by a real woman.

Exposure to lurid images and films in the new media is de-sensitising so many young people that they are increasingly unable to become excited by ordinary sexual encounters, a report said.

The result is that impotence is no longer a problem associated with middle-aged men of poor health but is afflicting men in the prime of their lives.

According to a report in Psychology Today, a respected U.S. journal, the problem is now so common that men in their 20s consider their inability to perform to be ‘normal’.

Ha ha – normal for dickless losers!!!!

3 Responses to “Real men are over 40”

  1. John Saleeby

    That is awesome. And a couple of years from now there will be millions of horny young chicks looking out for hot middle aged guys with sexy beer bellies and dreamy thinning hair to give em some cock.

    The Obama assholes will find a way to ruin this. Oh, wait – The Lesbian thing. Shit.

    To Hell with it – We’re all gonna have teenage girlfriends!

  2. Wil

    Probably what will happen is that young women will start to believe that limped dicked boyfriends are normal and they won’t be able handle real men. Then they’ll all become lesbians and the birth rates will plummet and society will implode.

    God Damn you Internet PORN!!!

  3. John Saleeby

    Well, Thanks A Lot for killing that buzz, ya big creep!

    Thomas Gibson from “Criminal Minds” got busted for DUI last night! What, you’re too busy bumming everybody out to give a Tall Scary Guy a lift? Shit!