The movie “London”

I finished off Christmas in a rather unusual way; I watched a strange cocaine drama entitled “London” which starred Chris Evans (perhaps best known for taking on the role of Capt. America in the recent Marvel Comics films) Jessica Biel, and Jason Statham. I expected the film to suck and be something like a third rate “Less Than Zero” clone, but I thought it was quite good. (I will note that reviews for the film were almost unanimously negative.) Chris Evans, whom I’ve always presumed to be little more than a pretty face, is not a bad actor, and Jason Statham, best known for ultraviolet action films, really shines in a dramatic role.

It’s one of these movies in which the main characters are introduced as largely vapid, privileged, narcissistic douches, and you think there’s no way to sympathize for them or really react to them in any other way than praying for their deaths. But as the movie goes on the characters become ever more sympathetic and believable.

Anyway, you can see the whole thing for free at Crackle.

4 Responses to “The movie “London””

  1. John Saleeby

    I like Jason Stratham and Jessica Biel is hot, I’ll check that out.

    I’m listening to the radio on the CD Player thing I got for Christmas and everything sounds weird.

    I don’t think this “Sixxth Sense” Radio Show can be good for Nikki Sixx’s Heavy Metal Bad Ass Dude image. He sounds like some happy chirpy little Pixie demonstrating how to roll your own pasta on your local Morning News Show. I keep waiting for Lemmy to bust in hollering “WHAD DA FUCKA GOIN’ ON IN ‘ERE!?!”. It’s SILLY!

  2. John Saleeby

    Hey! I just heard “Janie’s Cryin’”! By Van Halen! On the Radio!

  3. Wil

    She’s crying because you found your notebook.

  4. John Saleeby

    She wants to send me a letter, yeah, yeah. Just to try and make herself feel better.

    And then he works in “get her” a few lines later. David Lee Roth is a fuckin’ genius.