Dream journaling

I might’ve mentioned how I’ve been trying to write down my dreams when I wake up in the morning. Generally, I get a paragraph or two describing each one. I thought I would share them with you, so you could see how fucked up I am.

Something about driving to a post office on a long road with water on each side (I think probably influenced by KK* mentioning 7 mile Bridge.) Stopped at a Chinese restaurant with a sexy Chinese waitress type. Had the sense that I had been there before.

* These are the initials for friend of mine who was telling me about the 7 mile Bridge in Florida.

I was in a comic book shop and the clerk (fat nerdy loser) wanted to charge me 10 bucks to hold my bag. I thought this was ridiculous and was going to go to another comic shop.

The reason I was browsing in shops was that I was playing a gig in this mall. [Name redacted] was there and had been hurt or maybe shot in the foot by the club owner.

Something involving [name redacted], at one point we were eating a meal with a female friend of his at some café. I was contemplating ordering a milkshake.

A strange group comes in with a baby only it wasn’t a baby. It was like a man’s head with a tiny body. I was familiar with these “dwarves” and at some point even found a book with diagrams of them.

I remember that the couple with a baby were sort of “biker-ish.” The chick was pretty hot.

Near Polson (a town in Montana where I spent a lot of time as a kid), going to see a Ramones show — driving on a dusty road. Find the place but the Ramones aren’t playing. I come across a billboard and it talks about Jimi Hendrix doing some shows (in my dream universe he still alive.) He’s doing some show where he’ll be giving lessons to his brother, “Clee.”

This stuff is gold!

3 Responses to “Dream journaling”

  1. John Saleeby

    You remembered all that? All I remember from last night is having tickets to see Tommy James And The Shondels. When I put a ticket on my comb and hummed on it it played “Crimson And Clover”. That’s all I remember.

  2. Wil


  3. John Saleeby

    I remember seeing TJ and The Shondells performing that on “The Ed Sullivan Show”. Lots of Prehistoric video effects!