Trip on this dude…

Here’s a bit of a head trip: There are schools of thought that argue that we don’t really have free will but rather our consciousness exists under the illusion of free will. So, for example, the grinding gears of our subconscious decide that it would be a good thing to ask out Jenny Miller next door and that decision rises up to our conscious state and we think we made the decision. But the decision was really just the culmination of a series of unconscious processes. However, by that argument, could we not then have many consciousness in our head, each thinking they run the show? We think that one “I” lives in our head but could there not be many? A dozen people in there, each thinking they were the one who decided to take a sip of coffee or go skydiving?

This might tie into the whole multiple personality diagnosis.

2 Responses to “Trip on this dude…”

  1. John Saleeby

    Psychiatry has abandoned the whole “Multiple Personality” concept. There’s no such thing. So forget about it!

  2. Wil

    Yeah, actually I was aware of that and almost considered dumping the whole idea. But psychiatrists have been wrong before.