The appeal of writing

So I’ve mentioned I’ve been out on the web reviewing a lot of the information available on novel writing. One thing I’ve discovered is that everyone on earth is writing a novel. Seriously, it’s amazing. When are you going to finish your novel, dear reader?

Back in my 20s, novel writing was sort of my back up plan if I failed to be a successful rock star. My thinking was that the world of music might prove to be too competitive – after all, everyone wants to be a musician – but novel writing – because of the effort involved – would be less so. Most common mortals couldn’t have the stamina to engage in novel creation, I reasoned. But it looks like I was wrong.

I’ve been thinking about this and I’ve come to this conclusion: Who are the people making music? Mostly young people, because music is a – ironically – very appearance focused business. Musicians needs to have trim, tight bodies and god like good looks (areas where I, of course, excel). But writers…? Writers can be – are almost expected to be – doughy faced, sloth like creatures with crumbs of their lunch on their shirt and stains of feces on their fingers. In short, writers look like most of humanity. As a result, many people say, “There’s no way I could be a musician, but a writer – that seems obtainable.”

But, I think there might be more to it as well. Writing may not be the flashiest dramatic medium — film, TV and music come to mind — but it’s one that can be pursued with the most basic of tools: words. You don’t need to invest in fancy equipment; you can get by with a pencil and paper if need be. It’s the most naked of art forms.

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