Who is the Devo of today?

Everyone knows I love Devo. And today I was struck by the question, “Who is the Devo of today?” By this I mean, “What current band embodies the oddball aesthetic which Devo championed in their heyday?” I really can’t think of one. In the past, there have been bands that embraced Devo-esque, individualistic take on music: Primus, the Melvins, even Faith No More. But I can’t think of anyone doing that today.

My theory is that this is a result of the devaluation of music via MP3s, YouTube, Spotify etc. The industry just isn’t willing to take a chance on anything that’s not a sure thing like Katy Perry. (I will mention, I love Katy Perry, and it can be said she has some Devo-esque elements about her. As does Lady Gaga. But neither of them really take weirdness to uncomfortable extremes. (Lady Gaga would probably claim to, but I find something a little forced about her weirdness.))

If we truly have entered an era where no band can claim the mantle of Devo, I think it can safely be said that civilization is doomed.

4 Responses to “Who is the Devo of today?”

  1. John Saleeby

    Paul Westerberg released a new single this weekend. It’s called . . . ZZZZZZZZZZZZZ

    Guided By Voices dressed up like Devo on the cover of that album that Ric Ocasek Produced. I mean, they dressed up Devo the way little kids would dress up like Devo.

    Devo just released a stupid fuckin’ song about Mitt Romney’s dog. And Randy Newman released one about how all Republicans are racists called “I’m Dreaming Of A White President”. Devo are entitled to kid around but Randy Newman go fuck himself. That guy is terrible.

    I’m Writing a lot about my old job at the Crazy House for my podcast. I have almost one hundred pages. I’m the Ferdinand Celine of our time only I’m not going to collaborate with the German Occupation and wind up on House Arrest. When Jack Kerouac and Williams were in Paris they went to visit Celine, The old guy wasn’t allowed to leave his house and he sent Kerouac and Burroughs out to pick some groceries for him. God, I am an interesting guy.

    I got my car all washed up and tomorrow I’m getting a hair cut and buying some new clothes. I am preparing to be a Boyfriend. Are girls impressed by Celine Home Arrest stories? What if she likes Randy Newman?

  2. Wil

    Interesting… so you think Celine Dion is the new Devo? I hadn’t considered that.

  3. John Saleeby

    Shut up! Celine Dion is an old Diva.

    Did you get that stuff I sent you for the next issue?

  4. Wil

    A Devo Diva?