Tiny living

Years ago, when I left Los Angeles, I mentioned that the fact that the fact that so much of media can be digitized means that individuals can live simpler less cluttered lives. For instance, I could (theoretically) take all my movies, books, CDs etc. and digitize them and not need to lug them around whenever I move.

At the time, I wondered if this would lead to a new kind of decentralized lifestyle for humans. With less stuff anchoring us in one place, we could be freer to travel, wander etc.

Related to all this is what is called “the tiny living” movement. It’s basically about everything I’ve just discussed: getting rid of crap, taking up less space etc. One of the most interesting things I’ve seen at a website called thetinylife.com is this: a tiny, portable apartment. It’s called the Zen cube, and it’s extremely elegant and could theoretically be set up in any work loft area.

3 Responses to “Tiny living”

  1. John Saleeby

    The inevitable and long planned economic collapse will hit once we all have the technology to carry all our digital possessions on a single device that can be carried in our pocket. Then we can all live like Old School Hobos but delude ourselves into thinking we are still Happening With It Groovy Guys because we still spend all our time on line lying about how we’re so Rich the Fall Of Civilization has caused us no trouble at all. In Reality we have resorted to cannibalizing the raw flesh of our own children but on the Internet we are still living The Glamorous Life in our three hundred year old mansion in the South of France. It will be wonderful!

    Now, if you will excuse me, I will sodomize my nineteen year old Japanese girlfriend one or two more times before going to sleep.

  2. Wil

    Ha! Like you can still sodomize anyone twice in one night! Ha!



    Last one: Ha!


  3. John Saleeby

    Hey! I’m a Sodomizin’ Titan!

    Fiona Apple is in jail in Texas for possession of hash. Fiona Behind Bars! Sexy!