Everyone is a drug dealer

Human beings like to get excited. They like to feel their heart speed up, their energy levels increase and all the other crap that goes with being excited. And, of course, humans like sexual excitement.

But what is excitement from a physiological viewpoint? I don’t know all the ins and outs of it, but it involves hormones being released in the body and neurotransmitters in the brain. These chemicals set off body process which result in increased energy and sharper, focused thinking. These chemicals provide what the kids call “a rush.”

When in life do we get excited? Obviously there are occasionally situations when excitement is definitely warranted. When you get attacked by a bear, when you get fired by your screaming boss, when a bus runs over your dog. However, those situations are rare. But there are many other times we get excited. When we watch a movie and the character we identify with finds himself in danger. When we hear music which evokes great drama. When we watch a political TV show and the announcer screams about how the other guys are winning. When we watch a sports TV show and the announcer screams about how the other team is winning. When we watch porn.

So what is happening in those situations? Again, chemicals are being released in the body and brain that set off processes that may not always be exactly pleasurable, but are a rush.

What do street drugs (and cigarettes, alcohol, coffee etc) do when ingested? They mimic these same chemicals and therefore set off the same processes in the body. These drugs work the same pathways of the body as TV, movies, music. (We can throw in video games, books etc.)

Therefore, we can conclude that TV, books, games, music etc. are no better than drugs. If you use them, you are no better than a heroin junkie in Times Square begging old men to pay him for oral sex so he can have his arm candy. And the makers of those products are no better than the lowest drug dealer who forces addiction on his friends while prostituting his mother for filthy lucre. Everything you’ve ever been told is a lie! BLACK IS WHITE. GOOD IS BAD. PUPPIES ARE KITTENS!!!!!

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